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Primary students around world can learn Chinese in a simple way. No matter in Iceland or South Africa.

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Almost all our Tutors have Doctor degree and had studied Chinese Education for more than ten years.

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Why Choose Us

The leading global Chinese Key Learning Skills you never met before.

Chinese has more than 88,568 Characters, and they are so different from wentern word styles. The easiest way to learn them is to find law of them. We have found it.

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  • One Day. Three new character. all pain-free

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We give our students another easier way to learn Chinese. step by step,with proficiency and patience.

Chinese Language Education is a worldwide topic. More than 330 years ago, European philosophers started to look for a key to let people learn Chinese in a faster way. A good news is that we have found the Key and would like tell all our students.

Doris R. Naber

Operations director

Doris R. Naber

Operations director

Doris R. Naber

Operations director

Doris R. Naber

Operations director


Chinese Key is your best way to learn Chinese in the World.