Lesson 12 Component 土 earth

Lesson 12 Component 土 earth

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[tǔ] earth

1100tu3 earth


TRANSLATIONsoil, earth; items made of earth


COINAGEPictograph, Mud heaps on the ground






MOTIVATIONTu is placed on the left or underneath; the group generally relates to things and kinds of earth; several characters are interchanged with 谷 and 阜, a few with 水 and 石; the component is called 踢土边 kicking-earth at-side, in allusion to its shape.

Man has always been dependent on the ground for subsistence. To him, earth(土) is represented by its two layers (二). the topsoil and subsoil from which growing plants sprout (丨). hence土: the good earth that produces all things for man. Pictured here are such "earthy" provisions.

In most cases this Component appears in the left part of a character, although it tends to appear in other parts as well. When it appears in the left part of a character, the horizontal stoke at the bottom of土is replaced by a rising stroke. The characters with 土are usually related to earth or soil.


城[chéng] castle; city, town; municipality


基[jī] foundation, base


座[zuò] seat; stand, base


吐[tǔ][tù] vomit, spew out, cough up



地 去 在 尘 场 址 坐 坡 堆 堤 境 走

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