Lesson 14 Component 日 sun

Lesson 14 Component 日 sun

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日 sun (日字旁 rìzìpáng)

0903ri4 day


TRANSLATIONsun; day; daytime


COINAGEPictograph, sun



《説文》: 日,實也。太陽之精不虧。从囗一。象形。凡日之屬皆从日。



MOTIVATIONThe short horizontal stroke inside of the frame of 日 goes before the closing line underneath.

The ancient written form of日is like a sun in the sky. Its shape became a square as it was cut or written so. Originally it meant "sun", figuratively it refers to "day-time" or "day and night". In modern Chinese it does not stand alone, but is often used to form polysyllabic words.

「日」, meaning "sun" or "day", is a pictograph. It was written as「日」in ancient times. Some believe that the dot in the middle represents sunspots.

This natural group refers to the sun, time, luminous, &c.; the component is usually on the left, and when on top it resembles the next, as 晏; some of these latter are like others under 冂, as 晟 or 冕; sometimes the next component and 臼 are wrongly written like it.

The component日often appears in the left or upper part of a character and, less frequently, in the right or lower part of a character. The characters with 日are usually related to the sun or the time.


时[shí] time, season; era, age, period


晕[yùn][yūn] halo in sky; fog; dizzy, faint


旦[dàn] dawn; morning; day


旧()[jiù]    old, ancient; former, past


昼[zhòu] daytime, daylight


白[bái] white; pure, unblemished; bright


[bó] older brother; father's elder brother; senior male 'sire'; feudal rank 'count'


[pò] coerce, force, compel; urgent


[jiǎo] white; bright, brilliant; clear



早 旧 明 昏 春 昨 晒 晓 晨 晚 睛 阳

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