Lesson 15 Component 木 tree

Lesson 15 Component 木 tree

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[mù] tree

0758mu4 tree


TRANSLATIONtree; wood, lumber; wooden


COINAGEPictograph, The pictographic script木as a component is related to trees.





MOTIVATION'木', meaning "tree" or "wood", is another pictograph. The vertical line down the center represents the tree trunk, while the horizontal line on the top are branches and the two slanting lines at the bottom are the roots.

The pictographic script木as a component is related to trees. When standing on the left of a character, it is written as "朩". Sometimes it is also used on the top or at the lower part of a character.

A natural group, referring to trees and fruits, wood and wooden things; the component is usually on the left, but also at the top or bottom, and in combination, as 本 and 束.

In most cases the Component 木 appears in the left part of a character, although it tends to appear in other parts as well. 木is one of the most common Component in Chinese. Characters with 木are usually related to trees and timber.


析[xī] split wood; break apart; divide    


果[guǒ] fruit; result


采[cǎi] collect, gather; pick, pluck



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