Lesson 3 Component 口 mouth

Lesson 3 Component 口 mouth

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口 mouth (口字旁 kǒuzìpáng)

0598kou3 mouth


TRANSLATIONmouth; open end; entrance, gate


COINAGEPictograph, Open mouth







MOTIVATIONThis is usually found on the left side; when it is at the bottom or in combination, as 合, 启 or 咸, the character is probably an original one; it is employed to indicate that the character is used phonetically, as 咖啡 for coffee, and many words under it in Kanghi's Dictionary are of this kind; voice, names, actions of the mouth, &c. are the general meanings; many are onomatopoetic.

The character for mouth was originally a pictograph of an open mouth;  broadening into a smile;  and eventually stiffening;  and contracting to square: 口. 口 also means an opening. Wise old sayings always caution one about those with a big mouth.

The Component 口 often appears in the left part of a character and, less frequently, in the top or bottom part. 口 is one of the most common Component in Chinese, and the characters with 口 are usually related to the actions of the mouth.

【例字 Examples】

向[xiàng] toward, direction, trend

象形。从宀( mián),从口。“宀”表示房屋,甲骨文中像屋墙,有窗户之形。本义:朝北开的窗户。

告[gào] tell, announce, inform; accuse


古[gǔ] old, classic, ancient


可[kě] may, can, -able; possibly


肙[yuān] a small worm; to twist; to surround; empty



吃 喝 吸 叫 吹 唱 吵 哭 喊 啊 叶 兄 句 加 另 吐 名

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